Sports Science Support

Q Golf offers a comprehensive list of service providers, all leading experts in their field. Service providers can include high performance coaches, physiotherapists, sports massage therapists, strength and conditioning coaches, dieticians, sports psychologists and sports physicians.

Q Golf service providers utilize current best practice to assess all aspects of golf performance to determine individual priorities and establish specific structured programs to address issues identified, whether they be physical, technical, mental, or tactical.

Through information gained via analysis tools including Trackman and 3D swing analysis, skills testing, putting analysis, performance statistics analysis, profiling, strength testing and physical screening, it becomes possible to determine precisely where improvement can be made. This is then implemented via individualized programs to suit the player’s needs and priorities. Established training programs introduce golf-specific drills and exercises, practice plans, mental skills training, education in on-course management and tournament preparation, as well as ways to monitor program compliance and effectiveness to help players develop and achieve the goals they set.